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New CSU Alumni are automatically given an Alumni Lifetime Email account on Google, in the domain.

But first, these automatic accounts need a unique password. To create your password, please use your existing CSU eID to authenticate – eIDs last for a year after your last classwork is concluded.

Once you've established a Google password, you can access your account on the web at

You can also use your new password to connect to your @alumni email account with your smartphone or with an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird. Instructions will follow.

Already set a password here, but forgot it? Visit and click on "can't access your account?" for help from Google.

Expired eID, can't log in here? eIDs expire a year after your last coursework. If you haven't been here before to set your @Alumni password, you still can: please follow the instructions on The CSU Alumni Association Lifetime Email Page which has a different way for you to authenticate: with a CSU Donor Connect account. Then you'll be able to create a password. (CSU lifetime @Alumni email is free).